"I am a big believer that writing is all about storytelling, and Jane Porter makes me a better storyteller.  I am now in my second series of branding articles for Entrepreneur.com, telling stories of how to shape brands big, small, and personal based on content from my three books.  While each article covers a unique topic, they all work together to frame a flowing narrative for how to create, build, and shape brands.  Jane has been incredibly powerful to work with, and I choose the word 'powerful' for a reason.  Each and every time she makes my articles better by adding clarity, by re-framing the flow, and ultimately by telling a better story.  It's like magic, and it happens every single time.  But the best part is that she doesn't lose my voice in the process.  It's still my work and my content, just enhanced for the readers' better understanding and pleasure.  For that I appreciate Jane Porter with every single submission. "    

 -- Jim Joseph, author, North American president of communications firm, Cohn & Wolfe, New York


"I've written eight books, hundreds of articles and worked with many editors and I think Jane Porter is terrific. She challenges my thinking and makes suggestions that make my writing better. I appreciate her insightful, no-nonsense, straight ahead approach. I recommend her skills and services."   

-- Mark Sanborn, author, president of Sanborn & Assoc. Inc., leadership develop. firm, Lonetree, Colorado


"Jane recognizes there is no simple formula for good writing, but that there are effective ways to reach readers. She offered strategies for formulating ideas in compelling ways while ensuring that only supported claims ended up on the page. She has helped me with a book-length project and shorter papers, never offering a model that should be strictly followed, but rather an awareness of the rules that govern good writing. I have benefited from her recommendations, and she has helped shift the way I write and establish credibility with my own readers."    

-- D.M., professor of sociology at a major research institution


 "Jane epitomizes professionalism. She is a terrific asset to those who want to take their writing to the next level. She was able to take a couple of articles I wrote and not just complete a flawless edit of them, but work with me to transform my content into something better. In the tough market I'm in, perfection with my content is crucial, and Jane was the secret weapon in my quest. I highly recommend Jane for those looking to improve their writing and self-editing skills."

-- David Koji,  CEO of DineAbility, LLC, restaurant consulting company, Colchester, Connecticut


"Jane Porter is an exceptionally talented writer and editor. I worked with her over several months on multiple articles and can say without any hesitation that she has a way with words that can transform complicated research material into accessible and exciting writing. She is a great coach and mentor. With each edit that she suggested, Jane not only clearly explained why she made the changes but also highlighted patterns that have made me more aware of the way I write. Jane is very supportive and patient, never giving up on a story until she's gotten it to its finest. She knows how to get the best out of the people she works with."  

-- Punit Arora, assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, City University of New York


"Jane Porter is an incredibly insightful editor. She has consistently made my writing clearer and more impactful without changing my voice as a writer. I never question her choices — working with her has always been easy and fruitful!"   

-- Stephen Key, inventor, author, speaker and co-founder of InventRight, LLC, Glenbrook, Nevada


"Jane is a skilled editor and writer with a tremendous work ethic. She comes to the table with fresh ideas and executes them quickly. Always a consummate professional, Jane approaches new challenges with great enthusiasm. She works well as a part of a team, but she can just as easily work independently to tackle whatever is put in front of her. Having worked closely with Jane as both a writer and editor over the years, it is my pleasure to highly recommend her."   

-- Teri Evans, editor-in-chief, Naples Illustratedformer deputy editor, Entrepreneur.com


"As an editor, Jane has the unique ability of getting me to write in my own voice, while making the finished product appropriate for a specific audience. She has shown me just the right touch of blending the personal, which makes a story interesting, with the factual, which makes it useful and lasting. Jane is an amazing grammarian. Her charm and personal style make her a delight to work with."

-- Debra Kaye, author and international brand and culture strategist, New York

"Jane Rose Porter is an outstanding professional copy editor. I write frequently, including for Entrepreneur.com and for my company's blog, one of AdAge's top 150 marketing blogs in the world. Even though I have a great deal of writing experience, I've learned much from Jane. With Jane's sharp and thoughtful editing, my columns for Entrepreneur.com found a stronger voice. I learned to craft more focused and compelling stories. Jane didn't simply edit -- she helped me to understand why her suggested changes improved my writing. I highly recommend Jane to anyone who wants to improve their writing."

-- Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of crowdSPRING, Chicago. Ill.